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I cannot help but say that focus wedding & event planner epitomizes ideal, big-fat Indian weddings . Mr. Moritz Schubert and his team became the answer to all our stress and pressure before and during the wedding. The entire team of Focus was an absolute delight to work with. Whether it was coming up with wedding ideas or curating wedding themes , equal attention was given to all the aspects of wedding planning.
Hiren Pithadia
Focus Wedding & Event Planner has done an amazing job booking this venue for us. It's beautifully decorated. The mandap where the wedding happened and even the stage. I hope you get to see the pictures. It's just amazing & they are very special for the bride & the groom and heir family. So a big thank you & congratulations to Focus & Their Team.
Priyanka Doshi
Everything in the event was well professionally handled. I was so overwhelmed. It was a lovely, experience with Wowvenue. I would surely like to do some more events with Focus & Their Team
Rahul Shah
If you want your wedding to stand out then focus wedding & event planner is your destination, they made my dream wedding come true, highly recommended. i feel focus wedding & event planner is one of the best wedding planner company
Melanie Pais